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Frozen C Cyrotherapy

The Coolest New Experience

FROZEN C increases blood flow & causes a proliferation of available oxygen to revive tissues. It is exceptional for calming painful procedures (pre & post-op), reducing inflammation, redness, & bruising, shortening downtime, reducing the appearance of large pores, as well as smoothing skin tone & texture.


  • Easy to use on all skin types
  • Done in just minutes
  • Increased available oxygen in blood
  • Increased blood flow
  • Purifies skin by killing bacteria
  • Reduces inflammation faster than any system
  • Closes and shrinks pores

Using real-time skin temperature monitoring with safety auto-stop, Frozen C FROZENC uses the Bohr Effect and the Hunting Reaction to cause alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilation to produce a proliferation of available oxygen, anti-inflammatory agents, and overall blood flow.

The mechanisms of action are founded in widely accepted scientific understandings, known as the Bohr Effect & the Hunting Reaction. These reactions reduce inflammation, prevent tissue damage, and enhance the available levels of the body’s building block for all its rejuvenating processes: oxygen.